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iPad mini rumoured to launch late 2012

17 April 2012

Chinese sources claims six million units being readied

There were rumours that Apple was testing a smaller and cheaper iPad. Now it looks like those tests have been successful, with talk of a launch later this year.

That's according to Chinese portal NetEase, which claims Apple wants a new tablet on the market in time to compete with various Windows 8 tablets, which are likely to appear from late summer onwards. It adds that two Chinese manufacturers, Foxconn and Pegatron, will be producing the tablet, with the hope that six million units will be ready in time for a launch in the third quarter of 2012 (late summer, early autumn). Nice timing for the Christmas market, that's for sure.

As for price, NetEase claims that the new seven-inch iPad mini would come to market with a price tag of between $250-$300, which is £150-£200. Sound familiar? Yes, that's the kind of price that the Google Tablet is expected to sell for and it's the price of the current budget leader, the Amazon Kindle Fire. It looks like being the new battleground – and as we said earlier, a battle likely to played out over the festive season of 2012.

Expect this one to run for some time yet. But with talk of a redesigned iPhone at around the same time, there could be a pretty spectacular Apple press event on the distant horizon. We would recommend you start saving now.

Source: TechRadar



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