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World's most secure handset launched

23 March 2012

Military level security meets mobile phone technology with the Enigma E2

Croydon-based Tripleton may not be a manufacturer you've heard of but it's just launched what it calls the world's most secure mobile phone.

If security is more of a priority than Angry Birds and HD video recording, the Enigma E2 might be for you.The E2 seems like a fairly basic handset at first glance, operating on the tri-band GSM network but it's when you call another Enigma handset that it really comes into its own.A 'Crypto' call offers military-level security courtesy of an authentication code generated by a second SIM card.The encryption code is so long - 10 to the power of 77 combinations - call interception is impossible.

With corporate business or national security markets targeted, the E2 doesn't come cheap at £1,320.Along with a 2.4-inch QVGA colour display, you get a web browser, MP3 player, 3-megapixel camera and bluetooth connectivity; but if you don't know anyone else with an Enigma handset, the technology is going to be a bit wasted on you.



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