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Vodafone cuts price on HTC One X and One S

01 May 2012

Two-week cost cutting on contracts for new HTC smartphones

Considering plonking down some pounds for one of HTC's super new, er, superphones?

Vodafone has just announced some price-slashing on the One X - our highest rated phone ever, for record's sake - and its slimmer, smaller brethren, our almost-as-loved One S.

The One X will be going for free on £36 plans (two-year contracts) compared to £41 per month previously, while the One S is going for free on £31 a month (previously £36).

There's a catch though, you better make up your mind before May 14, when the promo runs its course and the tariffs tip back to previous pricing.

Of course, with a certain giant phone launch just round the corner, waiting just could be a good idea...



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