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Vodafone boss hits out at 4G award

19 March 2012

Chief Exec of Vodafone criticises Ofcom over unfair advantage handed to Everything Everywhere

As the deadline for responses to Ofcom's handling of the 4G network looms large, Vodafone has hit out at the regulator for allowing Everything Everywhere to launch its super-fast service by the end of the year.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Vodafone's UK boss Guy Laurence has claimed that Ofcom was "taking leave of its senses" by allowing the T-Mobile and Orange collaboration to launch 4G, "all but agreeing to grant the largest player in the market a headstart on the next generation of mobile internet services."

Laurence added that Everything Everywhere could now stall the opening up of the spectrum auction with endless litigation, extending the period in which they'll be the sole provider.

The UK networks are desperate to launch 4G services which could see mobile broadband speeds of up to 120Mbps but need Ofcom to give them the green-light before they can do so.The technology is already available in countries such as the US and Canada and would see the introduction of a host of devices currently unavailable in the UK.

Ofcom's deadline for responses to the handling of 4G is Thursday 22nd March.

Source: WSJ Marketwatch



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