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Tesco offers Motorola Motoluxe in white

13 April 2012

Grab one for a £20 monthly fee

It got a decent review off us a couple of months back and was confirmed for the UK around the same time. Now it's available from Tesco, in that ever-popular white variation.

Yes, another white mobile phone, but with so many people out there chasing white phones, we're not remotely surprised that a new one arrives pretty much every week. You can see the appeal though, especially compared to the usual black and grey offerings. At least, when they're new – not so great when they have had a few months 'wear'.

Anyway, if you want the Motorola Motoluxe in white, Tesco can provide you with one for free from £20 per month, either instore or online. That gets you 250 minutes of calls, 5,000 texts and 500MB of data each month. It also gets you a phone with Android 2.3 for the OS, as well as a four-inch WVGA screen, an 800MHz processor, 512MB RAM, an eight-megapixel auto-focus camera with flash plus GPS.

If that, and the price, fit the bill for you, it's available to slip into your basket right now.



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