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Samsung Galaxy S II gets ICS on O2

28 March 2012

O2 releases Android 4.0 for Galaxy S II owners on their network

It seems not a day goes by without a Samsung story and the latest is announcing the arrival of Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy S II on O2.

The network had originally said that it would be rolling out Android 4.0 to customers by the end of the month and despite a statement by Samsung yesterday that threw us all, O2 has come up trumps.

Three began pushing out ICS last week and while there is a vanilla version floating around the net, it looks like Samsung are allowing the networks to test the OS before 'officially' releasing their own SIM-free update for Galaxy S II users.So if you're an O2 subscriber, the next time you plug in to your PC and fire up Kies, you should be able to download the latest flavour of Android.



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