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One series from HTC just days away

30 March 2012

HTC's new family of smartphones start shipping and should hit UK shelves very soon

A slew of new smartphones from HTC could be on the shelves soon as it starts shipping its One series to Europe.Already available in Germany, the devices are being launched in Austria and Switzerland with a Sim-free HTC One X being sold in the UK from 5 April.

All three of the new handsets, the One X, One S and One V, will run Android Ice Cream Sandwich as well as incorporating HTC's ImageSense into the Sense 4 user interface.They'll be on sale from Vodafone in the UK and while there's no official launch date yet, the network is now taking pre-orders so it can't be far off.

For any HTC owners thinking of upgrading their handset to the One series, don't forget that you've only got until the end of April to back up your data if you use the HTCSense cloud.

Source: Pocket-lint



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