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New iPhone to feature 4.6-inch display

22 March 2012

Unnamed supplier claims Apple have started ordering bigger screens for the new iPhone 5

The latest iPhone 5 rumour doing the rounds is the suggestion that it'll feature a whopping 4.6-inch display.That's according to an anonymous source who's told a South Korean newspaper that Apple has started placing orders from suppliers for the larger screen.

If the story is true, it would see a screen size over an inch bigger than the current iPhone 4S.A bit of maths however means that to generate 'Retina display' pixel density on a screen that big would require something like 1200x900 pixels, which sounds a bit suspect without it becoming tablet-shaped.

As with everything Apple this is all just rumour, but with some Samsung and HTC handsets dwarfing the display on the current iPhone, a bigger screen wouldn't be a surprise. Whatever Apple launches, it's likely to feature a Retina display, so we'll just have to wait and see.

Source: Pocket-lint



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