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Motorola RAZR MAXX hits UK in May

26 April 2012

The Motorola RAZR MAXX may have an ber-cool name, but is it all hype?

Motorola sure does love its crazy smartphone names, and the RAZR MAXX is one of its best. It's a good-looking Android mobile like the Motorola Motoluxe, but despite its svelte 9mm body, the Motorla RAZR MAXX should take a fair bit of abuse and keep coming back for more.

The phone is made of Kevlar fibre to withstand the usual bumps and scrapes, while the 4.3-inch Super AMOLED screen is constructed from über-tough Gorilla Glass. We doubt it'll be as super-hard as the Motorola Defy Mini, but it should absorb plenty of punishment.

Chatty users will love the estimated 17.6 hours of talktime per charge (depending on the usual stipulations, such as signal strength, ambient temperature and what you had for lunch). A dual-core 1.2GHz and 1GB of RAM makes this a powerful little beast, which should keep you gaming for many months to come.

Motorola is also bigging up its ‘Smart Actions' app, designed to make your life easier. It does this by automating everyday tasks based on time, location, battery levels and more. Smart Actions can wring precious extra minutes of life from your phone when it's almost dead, for instance, by tinkering with your settings.

The Motorola RAZR MAXX comes preloaded with the Motorola MotoCast app, which streams and downloads photos, music and more from a home or work computer. We're big fans of MotoCast, as you'll already know if you read our Motorola Xoom 2 tablet review.

You also get lots of office apps pre-installed, including GoToMeeting and QuickOffice, which will either be a pleasing bonus or a massive pain in the arse, depending on your perspective.

Motorola's RAZR MAXX is expected to be available in the UK from mid-May.



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