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Motorola Gleam+ now available in the UK

05 April 2012

LED-styled clamshell is yours for £10 per month

Thought the clamshell was dead and buried? Think again. The Motorola Gleam+ is here, complete with some LED trickery.

OK, it's not exactly cutting edge, but the phone does all the basics and doesn't cost a fortune. If you head to Tesco Mobile, the supermarket's network will sell you one for just £10 per month, although you'll have to sign up for 24 months. Not that the timescale should be issue. The Gleam+ isn't that kind of phone.

This is a phone for making calls, which never goes out of fashion. It also takes basic snaps via a two-megapixel camera and knocks out some tunes using the FM radio and MP3 player. There's also a 2.8-inch WQVGA screen, browsing using WAP 2.0 (no 3G connectivity or Wi-Fi) and of course, that LED matrix on the front, which offers notifications and time updates.

On the downside, we got hands-on with the phone and we weren't exactly bowled over with the finished product, even for a modest outlay (you can also get it for £80 on pay-as-you-go if you shop around). So before you buy, you might want to try it out.



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