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LG L-Series (L3, L5, L7) preview

05 April 2012

We played with LG's latest fashion phones ahead of their launch

LG dropped by our office to show off its new L-Series - three fashionable new phones that put real emphasis on design - ranging from the dinky budget L3 model to the premium 4.3-inch L7, which boasts a crisp, colourful screen and 8MP camera.

We already played with these beauties over in Barcelona, but it was good to get some hands-on with these preview models, away from the sweaty, heaving MWC floor. As you can see, the three phones differ greatly in size, from the miniature 3.2-inch L3 up to the 4.3-inch L7, but all three sport a funky rectangular design that's starkly different to the usual curved smartphone bodies.

The L7 is delightfully slender, and slips easily into a pocket. We love the reassuring heft, while the two metallic bands that ring the edge give it a premium look and feel. The glass of the screen stretches right to the edges, as it does on the smaller models, further cementing the L-Series' design ethos. The L7 will ship in black and white versions.

The L5 is a shade smaller at 4-inches, but enjoys a decent heft and is almost identically thin. The design is similar, although the three touch-sensitive pads of the L7 have been replaced with a physical button just beneath the L5's screen.

Meanwhile, the L3 is a chunky little beast, which makes up for its dinky frame. It's also surprisingly weighty, and feels good in the hand. The screen only takes up a small area on the front of the phone, with a thick black bezel surrounding it, but it certainly looks chic.

All three phones have textured rears to keep the phone from sliding around in your palm, but the L7's is our favourite by far. It almost feels like you're touching premium quality paper, with a neat wood grain effect. We could stroke it all day, and probably would have done if LG hadn't snatched it back.

We also enjoyed the L7's crisp, colourful screen in our brief liaison, which really showed off the Ice Cream Sandwich interface. The L5 also packs Ice Cream Sandwich, but the L3 we played with was loaded with Gingerbread. The L3's screen is clearly the weakest, being the budget model, as it lacks the pleasing crispness and vibrancy of its bigger brothers. However, it still proved perfectly responsive to our swipes and prods, and will suit anyone looking for a cheaper device.

We're looking forward to getting our hands on the final review samples - why not follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook , so you're the first to know when our reviews go live!



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