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Kindle Touch available now

28 March 2012

Amazon launches its first UK touch screen ebook reader

The latest version of Amazon's Kindle , the Kindle Touch, is available to pre-order from today following its US debut in November.As with previous products, the Touch comes in both Wi-Fi-only and 3G/Wi-Fi models, and as the name suggests, features a touch-screen to take on manufacturers such as Kobo and Sony.

You'll also get something called X-Ray, which according to Amazon 'allows users to see the bones of the book'.X-Ray highlights passages mentioning characters, places and subjects of interest, along with detailed descriptions from Wikipedia.

The Kindle Touch costs £109 for the Wi-Fi version and £169 for the 3G version powered by Vodafone here in the UK.Your money buys you a six-inch screen and a unit weighing in at 213g, with the 3G model being 220g.

While the launch of the Kindle Touch is seen as good news, the bad news is that there's still no word on the Kindle Fire in the UK.The low-cost, Android-powered tablet was much talked about in 2011 but despite being launched six months ago in the US, we're still waiting.



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