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ICS finally confirmed for Samsung Galaxy S II

14 March 2012

19 March is the official UK date

Well, it looks like the Israel rollout wasn't just a standalone event. Samsung has now confirmed a wider Android update of the Samsung Galaxy S II, with Ice Cream Sandwich incoming for UK users too.

The official date for the latest version of Android in the UK is 19 March, which of course, is next week. A few days after the likes of Poland, Hungary, Sweden and Korea, but we can live with that. Obviously that means unlocked phones in the first instance. If you bought your phone without a network tie-in, you'll be first in the queue. When the networks pass it on is a very different story.

To be fair, they need to test the update to make sure there are no problems with it rolling out to their userbase. The last thing you want is a 'dead' phone after an update. There may also be the odd tweak to the software or interface when it is handed over from Samsung. All of which adds time to the rollout.

As it stands, none of the networks seem keen on giving a specific date for when that will be complete. They probably don't know how long the work will take right now, although both T-Mobile and Vodafone are already saying that the software is under test. So the wait might not be too long. The only firm detail has come from O2, which told the ZDNet site that the update should be ready by 'mid'April'. That might not be a bad date to work to for all the networks.

When we hear firm details from the networs, we'll let you know.



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