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HTC to delete it's storage cloud

27 March 2012

Users of urged to download their data before it all gets erased

The HTC Sense storage cloud is closing and if you're a user, you need to act otherwise you'll lose all your precious data.

According to a warning letter on the site, " is undergoing a renovation to improve the services and value we deliver to customers".However instead of porting subscribers data over onto the new service when it's ready, HTC whose strapline is 'quietly brilliant', have decided to press the big delete button on April 30th.No so brilliant.

It's ironic that the new range of HTC One smartphones unveiled at MWC last month all come with two years of free 25GB Dropbox storage which doesn't show much faith in a proprietary storage cloud.

If you're a user of, make sure you log-in before April 30 and download a zip of your files.You'll can find full details here.



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