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Designer iPhone cases reviewed

17 April 2012

These hot new cases bring the style at a range of prices

Pipetto Harlequin ‘Patent' Flip Case for iPhone 4 and 4S


Apple Store

White on the outside, a glittery gold on the inside, this is certainly a case that attracts glances on the tube. Whether that's a good or bad thing depends on your perspective. Still, the 100% handmade leather looks and feels good, and we can certainly imagine the Queen rocking this case as she chats with Phil.

The tough interior straps hold your iPhone securely, while providing quick access to all of the buttons and ports, including a hole for your earphones. However, the case also adds considerable bulk. Our slender iPhone was suddenly twice as chunky, and we struggled to fit it in our pocket when we wore our tighter jeans.

The Harlequin case is also available in four other colours.

Ted Baker iPhone cases

£29 each

If you like your cases bright and garish, Ted Baker has a selection of posh covers that'll keep your iPhone scratch-free. The Soyu case is covered in orange bulldogs, the kind of thing you'd probably see after an overdose of Class A drugs. Alternatively, the Jeddnar case features several green astronauts, while the Paisca case opts for a relaxing swirly pattern.

If the hard cases aren't your bag, you could also try the quilted Millie case. This bright red pouch has the added bonus of protecting your screen, as your entire phone slips inside. It won't be to everyone's taste, and it's a faff when your phone starts to ring, but some will love the bright design.

Cygnett Paparazzi Textured flip case for iPhone 4 and 4S


This faux-leather case has a cool animal print design, and looks smarter than expected considering the budget price. It may not feel like real leather, or smell like the good stuff either, but at least it won't cripple your bank balance. Your iPhone sits snugly inside, but as with the Pipetto case there are holes to access all of your ports and switches on the sides.

A soft interior lining means your screen and precious glossy case won't get scratched or damaged, and the exterior is tough enough to take a few knocks. We'd definitely recommend it to anyone who wants simple style on a strict budget.



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