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Apple looks into iPad 3 Wi-Fi problems

05 April 2012

Leaked US document calls for 'capture' of problem tablets

A document has appeared online which, if real, seems to suggest a problem with Wi-Fi on some iPad 3 tablets.

The document, said to be an internal AppleCare file and acquired by the 9 to 5 Mac site, indicates that Apple is actively investigating Wi-Fi-related issues affecting the new iPad. It follows on from various posts on online forums indicating potential problems, including connection drops, slow download and upload speeds. Problems Apple is obviously now taking seriously.

According to the document, Apple says 'symptoms can include, but are not limited to:

  • Intermittent connectivity
  • Slow Wi-Fi speeds
  • Wi-Fi network not seen

The document adds that, in the US, 'contact centers and retail stores should capture iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi only devices if they exhibit any issue related to Wi-Fi.' 'Capture' is Apple speak for packing up and sending to Apple's engineering centres for a closer look.

It is a US document, relating to the US market, but if you have similar issues, you might want to nip into your local Apple store and discuss it. After all, if this is a hardware problem, it is possible that it is a universal issue. Obviously if your iPad is 'captured', you'll have it replaced.

Source: 9 to 5 Mac



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