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Apple launches New iPad

07 March 2012

That's right, not iPad HD or iPad 3...

So the Apple launch is over and the new iPad is called...the New iPad. i wish I was making this up. Even the iPad Poke would be better. It's available from March 16th as expected and you can pre-order, but some readers have reported the site acting crazy tonight as demand is obviously high.

A 5MP camera on the rear features an IR filter, the same as the iPhone 4S, and 4G LTE support has also been confirmed. Not that us Brits will be able to take advantage of that for a while...

You get Quad-core graphics, from the A5X chip, which apparently stands for quad-core - uhhh, okay Apple. It still rocks a dual-core processor though, as expected. Still no real surprises...

The New iPad's 'Retina' screen is the real talking point, but again no real shock. With a 2470 x 1536 pixel resolution, it's sharper than the projector Tim Cook was using in his presentation, so he couldn't show it off properly. 264ppi gives you 3.1 million pixels overall.

Pricing is as follows: 16GB $499, 32GB $599, 64GB $699.

We're bringing you a full hands-on very shortly, so check back soon kiddies!



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