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Apple's new iPhone 5 could launch in June

19 April 2012

New rumour points to WWDC launch and a 'Liquidmetal' case

Another week, another iPhone 5 rumour, with this one pointing to an earlier than expected launch.

How early? How does June grab you? That's the date being given by sources talking to ETNews out of Korea, who claim Apple will use the WWDC event in San Francisco that month to launch its latest smartphone. We're a little sceptical about that, not least because the current iPhone 4S hasn't really had a full year to pick up sales. But it could happen. When it does, it could also happen with a radical new design.

We heard recently about a redesign, with that initial story talking about a possible 'aluminum unibody' for the casing. This new rumour takes that a step further. Those same sources claim 'Liquidmetal alloys' will replace the current glass case, making the phone both thinner and lighter, as well as being more resistant to damage. That has to be a good thing. Apple acquired the rights to Liquidmetal Technologies’ 'amorphous metal alloys' in August 2010, so it does make a lot of sense.

In fact, most rumours point to a redesign for the next iPhone, so this one sounds like it carries a lot of weight (or not, if we're talking about the alloy). But a June launch? We're not sure about that one, even though that date has been mentioned before. We wouldn't be surprised if someone has got 'production' and 'launch' mixed up.

But if you are due an upgrade around that date, maybe keep your fingers crossed. It could happen.

Source: BGR



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