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APP WATCH: offers free night

07 March 2012

Download app, book rooms, eventually get freebie

What's better than a night in a fancy hotel? A free night in a fancy hotel that's what. Which is exactly what you get when you use the app on your smartphone. Each time you book a room at a hotel using the app, you're rewarded with one Welcome Rewards point. Acquire ten of these points and you'll be able to claim a free night's stay.

The app itself works as well as on the desktop with thorough search options including finding hotels near your current location, and a ‘Tonight's Local Deals' search option that gives the spontaneous a list of the bargains available, like, right now.

Each hotel blurb includes photos, user reviews, facilities details and lists of local points of interest. You can even call the hotel directly at the touch of a button - though that kind of ruins the point of this gloriously human-free app.

Of course, there are tees and cees. The ‘free night' is up to the average cost of your previous bookings and you will still need to pay the tax. However, if you're a hotel regular and fancy saving those pounds, well, it'd almost be rude not to use this, wouldn't it?

The app is available free for Apple and Android.



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