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APP WATCH: Echoer (iOS)

30 April 2012

Discover great things around you, wherever you roam, using the Echoer app for iOS

Echoer uses your phones GPS to highlight what's going on around you. You can use its brightly coloured infographics to discover new places to eat, drink and be merry, voice your excitement about upcoming gigs or make an honest appraisal of service you've received.

Opening the app, you'll find a map of your local area peppered with blue, yellow or red bubbles and noteworthy locations (well, depending on how noteworthy your immediate surroundings are). In these bubbles you'll find recommendations (blue), event listings (red) or newly discovered places (yellow). Click on these to read them in full and "amp" them if you want to see a post become more prominent.

And if you have anything to say about a place you've visited, service you've received or event you're heading to, you can contribute too by pressing the (+) button. You can also share these echoes on Facebook, Twitter and via email. The app also lets you favourite locations, track of all the echoes you've written and follow specific users if you like their take on things.

Echoer is very easy to get your head around, you can post quickly and easily and it has a really colourful and fun interface.



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