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APP WATCH: Bitdefender Power Tune-up

17 April 2012

Performance maximising free app for Android

Android users can now control the battery and data usage on their phones via a new free app from antivirus software builder Bitdefender.

The app provides notices and thresholds to control data traffic as well as options to manage RAM and battery usages.

Android users will be able to check battery status, tweak settings to save battery, and free space on internal memory as well as external SD cards.

The app is available now free in English and Portuguese from Google Play. Spanish, German, French and Romanian versions will soon launch.



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Mobile Number Portability, MNP or mobile number porting allows you to transfer your existing mobile phone number from to another mobile phone operator. This saves you having to tell your family, friends and contacts your new number... You can keep your existing mobile phone number. The process is termed mobile number portability (MNP), or mobile number porting. It's quick, FREE and very easy to do - use our handy tool above to obtain full instructions.

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