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APP WATCH: Barclays Pingit now available to all

13 April 2012

Mobile phone money transfer app opens up to all banks

Money transfers via your mobile phone just got a whole lot easier with the expansion of Barclays Pingit.

We featured the app at launch, when it was introduced as a quick way for Barclays customers to send money via SMS. All well and good if you and your friends banked with the same organisation, not so great if they didn't. All that has now changed, meaning you can use the service with any UK bank and any UK bank customer – without disclosing your bank details.

It's available as a free app from the Apple App Store, Google Play and BlackBerry App World. To use the service, just register the mobile number on your account and you are ready to share the cash for that shared meal, the outstanding small loan on a Saturday night or just about anything you like. Of course, it is password-protected, just in case some 'friend' takes advantage of you and your phone being apart.

Barclays says the initial rollout has been popular with small businesses and eBay users. You can see why. With more than 400,000 downloads in its first eight weeks, even with that Barclays-only limit, the company sounds like it has a winner on its hands.

Source: Pocket Lint



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